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“ One of my favorite clarinettists of today, Federico's interpretations are always fresh, engaging and moving. His refined taste and beautiful sound make every piece he plays shine and come to life. His recording of my Pacific Serenade is one that I love…” 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Miguel del Aguila  composer  

“ I have recently become aware of Federico's playing and am so glad that I have. His superb sense of phrasing coupled with his wonderfully fluid technique makes his performances inspiring!” 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Scott Kurtzweil  music artist consultant 

 A seasoned and sensitive professional clarinetist. His "New Land" CD (featuring works by South American composers) was a great find.” 

                                                                                                                                                          Philip Clarke  freelancer on the music sector

“ Mr. Federico Palacios is an excellent professional, responsible, assiduous in his duties as instrumentalist in his mastery of clarinet. I recommend to everyone and endorsement for excellence in his admirable work as instrumentalist and his admirable musical technique.” 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Paulo Cesar Maia de Aguiar  Composer

“ Federico Palacios is a wonderful clarinettist, with a great technic which deserves gives him the rank of 'virtuoso' and an excellent musical sensitivity. He plays perfectly in little ensembles as well as a first clarinet in symphonic orchestras and also as a soloist in concertos for clarinet and orchestra. Federico deserves playing at the best orchestras worldwide.”

José Manuel Rosa  conductor

“ Federico is a great professional with immense talent. He has a beautiful sound. Highly recommended.”  

       Fabricio Gatta  pianist / composer

“ Lovely tone and an excellent technique. A pleasure to listen to Federico.” 

     Harry Sparnaay  Bass Clarinettist

“ Federico is an excellent musician focused on the promotion of Latin-American repertoire. He's been doing a great job for the cause of both traditional and young composers…” 

                                             Harry Crowl  composer

“ I have known Federico Palacios for 10 years and I followed his professional career achivements very closely. Federico Palacios is a highly talented clarinettist, researcher and organizer. His last recording is a clear example of his abilities, a CD of great power and aclaimed by critics.” 

                        Cristo Barrios  clarinetist

“ Federico est un grand soliste international! Il est volontaire et innovant tout en se rappelant de ces racines. On gagne à le connaitre et à travailler avec lui.” 

                                          Sophie de Quatrebarbes

“ Federico is an excellent clarinettist who also promotes the collectivity. His interest for the common result is important not only for the musical result but for employment issues also. He considers the orchestra as a team and not as the way of an individual vindication. It was very pleasant for me to work with him.”

                                     Angel Tsalapatis  attorney at law

“ Federico's first album is a great recording…”

                                          Stanley Drucker  clarinetist

“ Musicien confirmé et artiste passionné, il a participé avec assurance et conviction aux prestations des répertoires, allant jusqu’à se distinguer avec brio en qualité de soliste…”

         Hubert Dennefeld, conductor / composer

“ Federico Palacios est un excellent interprète et un remarquable professionnel…” 

                    Colette Moureycomposer

 “ Federico è un bravo musicista preparato e al passo con i tempi. Davvero un professionista.”                                                                         

     A. Cericolaconductor / composer


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