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Uruguayan Federico Palacios arrived in Europe in 2001. Devoted passionately to deepen his musical knowledge and express his own interpretation, he has since traveled extensively, his clarinet shoulder. Always curious of exchange, he felt and sensed, seen and heard. Heard and listened to.


He met, merged and studied. Explored and interpreted. Determined and committed, he traces ever since a new path for his instrument.


Freelance professional musician, soloist, Federico Palacios carves his name today in the international music world and is devoted to innovative and very promising forecasts.


An attending and altruistic man, Mr. Palacios became a teacher in several music schools, where he offers to his students the confidence and the freedom of his own play and to  his audience the poetry and the flight of his virtuosity.

« Truxillo » 

Fernando M. Fernández

« Seducción » 

Miguel del Aguila

« Introduction & Variations » 

Ferdinand David

“ I have recently become aware of Federico's playing and am so glad that I have. His superb sense of phrasing coupled with his wonderfully fluid technique makes his performances inspiring!”    


Scott Kurtzweil, music artist consultant

“ Federico is an excellent musician focused on the promotion of Latin-American repertoire. He's been doing a great job for the cause of both traditional and young composers…” 


Harry Crowl  composer

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